Hasseröder Pilsner Perfect Draft 6 Litre Keg

Hasseröder Pilsner Perfect Draft 6 Litre Keg
Brand: Perfect Draft
Product Code: Hass16
ABV: 4.9%
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Price: £29.95
Ex Tax: £24.96

* For use with the Perfect Draft Machine 

Hasseroder Pilsner 6 Litre Alcohol: 4.9%  for use with Philips Perfect Draft Machine

Hasseroeder Pilsner Perfect Draft 6 Litre Keg is known as one of the best beers in Germany, a nation renowned for its brewing. Hasseroeder Pilsner is classic gold colour topped by thin head that releases blossomy aromas of hops along with malty straw notes. For the best experience, allow at least 2-3cm of frothy white head when pouring to stop the beer from oxidising and to lock in all the aroma!

It is ideal for any occasion such as birthday parties, summer BBQs, garden parties and many more.

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