Philips Perfect Draft Machine

Philips Perfect Draft Machine
Philips Perfect Draft Machine Philips Perfect Draft Machine
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The Perfect Draft machine is a portable keg dispenser available for the home user as well as for birthday parties, weddings, exhibitions and corporate events. The draft beer dispenser is the size of a conventional home microwave and houses six litre Perfect Draft kegs supplied by Perfect Draft Beer The unit boasts a stylish look with a sophisticated LED display showing volume of beer left in the keg, temperature of the keg and days of freshness left. The Perfect Draft machine incorporates its own cooler and no gas is needed as all of the Perfect Draft kegs come already pressurised for the best experience possible!

The Perfect Draft machine has been delivering the taste sensation of draught beer that we have grown to love in pubs to homes across the UK since it was launched in 2005. The compact nature of the Perfect Draft machine allows for it to sit anywhere in the house unlike a conventional set up of a tap, cooler and gas cylinder!

The limited volume in the Perfect Draft kegs ensures that after 30 days of freshness, all of the pints have been thoroughly enjoyed! The Perfect Draft machine itself requires very little cleaning as each keg comes with its very own pipe and looks the part with its black colour and chrome aspects. 

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