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Since its launch in the mid naughties, the Perfect Draft beer system has been a hit in the UK. The ease of draft beer in any location allowed for small to medium events as well as the home user having access to what most enthusiasts would call the best way to experience the taste of beer. Unfortunately, obtaining the Perfect Draft kegs in the UK is now quite as simple! Perfect Draft Beer Keg is one of the very few stockists of these six litre Perfect Draft beer kegs in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. As stockists of these mini kegs in the UK, Perfect Draft Beer Keg are able to dispatch your kegs quickly and have them to your front door as quick as next working day.

Perfect Draft Keg stock a variety of kegs including Becks Original which has a clean taste and a perfect balance; Leffe Blonde which has a strong ABV of 6.6% and is a sensational Belgian pale ale; Stella Artois which due to its success has become one of the best selling lagers in the world; Hoegaarden which as a wheat beer offers beer lovers a different taste to the usual beers enjoyed in the UK; Jupiler which is the best selling beer in Belgium, a country renowned the world over for its high standards of beer.

The Perfect Draft kegs hold approximately 10 pints, the perfect amount for small to medium events as well as having a few pints after a long day at work when you get home. Each Perfect Draft mini keg stays fresh for a whole 30 days once open allowing for a whole months enjoyment from one keg!

To dispense these Perfect Draft kegs the Perfect Draft machine is needed. Created by Philips, this unit is portable with a sleek design allowing it to look the part in any location! All that is needed to dispense your beer from the Perfect Draft machine is a plug socket as it can boast an inbuilt cooler whilst the Perfect Draft kegs do not need any external gas as they are already pressurised and ready to pour!

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