Perfect Draft Stella Kegs

Stella Artois, a 5% lager available in Perfect Draft kegs is one of Perfect Draft Beer Keg’s best selling products and the evidence is clear – the Belgian beer was first brewed in 1926 as a lager to only be sold at Christmas time in Canada. Only 4 years later the first batch of this premium lager was exported to Europe after its excessive success in Canada and by 1960 over 100 million litres of the product were being produced annually. InBev, the large brewing corporation who own Stella, ensure only the best hops, maize, barley and water are used to produce Stella Artois.

Our Stella Perfect Draft kegs hold around 10 pints and are for use in the revolutionary Philips Perfect Draft machine. The perfect golden colour that pours from the faucet of the Philips Perfect Draft machine from the Philips Perfect Draft keg will be chilled to the ice cold refreshing temperature of three degrees. The Stella Artois inside of the mini beer keg will stay fresh for 30 days once open, plenty time to enjoy the goodness.

Stella Artois Perfect Draft kegs can be difficult to get hold of in the UK, but Perfect Draft Beer Keg are a UK supplier of the premium lager and can have the keg sent out to you on the same working day! Not only will your Stella kegs be delivered faster but if you have any queries you can call us and have your query sorted immediately with our dedicated team of customer service personnel.

Once you receive your Stella Artois Perfect Draft keg you can simply install it into your Perfect Draft machine (also available from Perfect Draft Beer Keg) with ease. A new pipe comes with each Stella Artois Philips Perfect Draft keg so there is no tricky cleaning process each time you want to install a new mini keg.

When enjoying your Stella Artois Perfect Draft Keg, ensure you pour the golden lager into a Stella Artois chalice! The sophisticated glass is not just for the looks, but also keeps the beer chilled for longer and gives the perfect combination between liquid and foamy head goodness.

If you long for the taste of the perfect pint of Stella Artois in your home, purchase your Stella Artois Perfect Draft Kegs!

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