Leffe Blonde Perfect Draft 6 Litre Keg

Leffe Blonde Perfect Draft 6 Litre Keg
Leffe Blonde Perfect Draft 6 Litre Keg Leffe Blonde Perfect Draft 6 Litre Keg
Brand: Perfect Draft
Product Code: Leffe04
ABV: 6.6%
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Price: £32.95
Ex Tax: £27.46

*For use with the Philips Perfect Draft Machine.

This Belgian pale ale is the result of hundreds of years experience in brewing from monks in an Abbey on the Meuse River, Belgium. At 6.6% ABV, Leffe Blonde has the perfect combination of bitter and sweet notes from the pale malt, water, hops and yeast from the age old recipe. The golden colour of Leffe Blonde shines class whilst the smooth taste boasts sophistication. This speciality beer will ensure your palate is well tended to!

The off white frothy head will give an aroma of oranges, spices and yeast which is most accessible when enjoyed on tap – through the Perfect Draft machine. Leffe Blonde Perfect Draft kegs are perfect for small events as well as the home user looking to broaden their palate from the usual pilsner style draft beer available across the UK.

Once your Leffe Blonde Perfect Draft keg is placed into the Perfect Draft machine, it will be chilled to the correct temperature to enjoy this Abbey Beer at its finest. Leffe Blonde is best served in a Leffe branded glass. The shape and size of the glass allow for the perfect amount of frothy head to expel the aromas and allow the full range of tastes to be enjoyed by you and your friends. n any e� J omP� >Kyed through the Perfect Draft, Jupiler could soon be your favourite beer! Allow for a nice frothy head and allow to reach three degrees.

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