Hoegaarden Perfect Draft 6 Litre Keg

Hoegaarden Perfect Draft 6 Litre Keg
Hoegaarden Perfect Draft 6 Litre Keg
Brand: Perfect Draft
Product Code: Hoe02
ABV: 4.9%
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Price: £33.95
Ex Tax: £28.29

*For use with the Philips Perfect Draft Machine.

Hoegaarden is for those beer lovers who admire a different taste. This wheat beer which has an ABV of 4.9% has been brewed in the town of Hoegaarden, Belgium since 1445. This stunningly beautiful beer is spiced with coriander and apple peel and has a cloudy appearance due to its unfiltered nature. Hoegaarden’s long lasting head traps in all of the sensational aromas and taste for the best experience you could wish for.

Hoegaarden Perfect Draft kegs allow for anyone to have access to Hoegaarden on tap, allowing the beer advocate to enjoy the full flavour. Hoegaarden on draft is a rarity in the UK, so do not pass up on the opportunity to enjoy this wheat beer as it should be enjoyed! Best served in a chilled Hoegaarden glass with a slice of orange.

When pouring your Hoegaarden Perfect Draft Keg from the Philips Perfect Draft machine, it is advised to tilt your glass to a 45 degree angle to allow for free flowing beer to gradually make a smooth head whilst keeping all of the flavour and the aromas. Gradually tilt the glass upright and finish with a 2cm head.

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