Conor McGregor Covered In Beer By Rangers Fan

The UFC superstar was his usual controversial self during a recent appearance in Glasgow, with not every attendee being a fan of his actions.

McGregor split his audience, with one Rangers fan covering him in beer for singing Celtic songs.

The UFC star, who suffered a loss in his fight against Floyd Mayweather in August, was attending ‘An Evening with Conor McGregor’ event in Scotland.

According to reports, he started as he intended to go on. At the beginning of the event he grabbed the microphone upon taking the stage to state: "What’s up Glasgow Celtic?! The only football club around here worth talking about.”

With the mood set, McGregor then proceeded to chant: "Glasgow is green and white!”

Many of those who attended greeted the star with open arms, though not everyone was amused.

Later in the evening, McGregor started to stir the pot again, roaring to the crowd: "Where’s Rangers at? I thought so! I thought so!”

However, the 29-year-old soon found out what the attendees thought as he was covered by a drink thrown from the crowd.

Even though the Irishman has been acknowledged as a football fan, his actions had caused confusion with regards to where his allegiances lie.

There is no doubt on which side of the Old Firm divide he sits, though his Premier League preference is a little hazed.

Back in 2015, he wrote: "I was big into football as a kid, but more as a player than a watcher. I suppose if you pushed me I would say Manchester United, but that’s only because it gets passed down from generation to generation.

"I think just about everyone in Ireland is either a Liverpool or United fan. But some people go a little weird, referring to the team they support as 'we'.  To me that’s a little crazy.

“I admire their athleticism and their dedication. [Cristiano] Ronaldo is a phenomenal athlete. His speed, his takeoff from a standing start and his ability to operate at high speeds are impressive.”

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