Surprise! You’ve been drinking beer from the wrong glass

According to the founder of the School of Booze, Jane Peyton, tucking into a beer in the traditional pint glass may become a thing of the past. Peyton suggests that beer drinkers should sip the tipple from a narrow rimmed glass, like a flute.

Whilst the unorthodox view may offend come pub-goers, in a statement Jane has said: “Drinking from a pint glass does the beer a disservice.

“They have a very wide mouth so most people will glug beer and swallow it before tasting because the size of the glass is so big.

“Narrow-rimmed glasses like a flute or a Peroni glass will force you to sip the beer and taste the malty flavour on your tongue.”

Jane’s comments is guaranteed to confuse thousands of beer drinkers in the know about how groves on the bottom of the glass might add to its taste. These are called nucleation points, which makes the carbon dioxide bubbles in the beer bounce off them and bring flavour to the surface.

However, this is said to only work for fizzy beers, so if Guinness is your drink of choice then the pint glass isn’t doing it justice.

Not everyone serves beer in wide mouthed glasses. In fact, in Belgium they have different shaped glasses depending on which beer is being served. Should we take on this tradition in the UK?

In the UK, beer was traditionally poured into a tankard before serving in pint-sized measurements became law in 1824.

“People don’t treat beer with respect,” said Jane, “and people who say beer is only for men? Give me a break!

“Glassware is a barrier to many women drinking beer, but it doesn’t have to be.

“If more people drank beer from a narrower glass then maybe it wouldn’t put so many women off.”

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