A beginner’s guide to tasting beer

Gone, are the days of single beer patronage. Consumers have started thinking with their palates, and of course, brewers are keen to deliver. For those that want to get on board and earn a bit of beer cred, it’s a good idea to develop your palate. Here’s a few tips on how you can get started on your beer tasting trajectory.

Temperature is key

The temperature of your beer can certainly affect your experience. It’s best to serve your beers at a little under room temperature, unless the label or brewer advises otherwise. You should give them enough time to warm up slightly if you are storing them in a fridge.

Drink from a glass- not the can or bottle

It may not seem obvious, though how you serve your beer is highly important. You should make sure that you taste from a glass and not a can or bottle. Ultimately, this allows for the release of aromas and some of the residual carbon dioxide.


You can tell a lot about a beer by the way it looks. So before you sniff or snip, take a good look at what you’ve just poured. You should look at the ‘lacing’ of the beer, which is very much the ‘legs’ that people describe when tasting wine. This is the touches of foam around the glass, you should be looking for how long the foam stays. This will determine the quality of the drink.


It’s finally time to taste you beer. Though, before you do you should give it a sniff. The aroma will give you the first impression of what the beer will taste like. To enhance this aroma you should swirl your glass first.

Flavour, mouthfeel and finish

Now it comes to the actual drinking. After taking a swig and recognising the taste you should then consider the mouthfeel by swirling it around before you swallow. Is it too flat or overly gassy? Once you’ve followed the beer, consider the ‘finish’. Is it quick or lingering, faint or intense, sweet or bitter?

So, is your beer good? Majority of the time, it comes down to personal choice. Do you fancy trying some delicious beer from the comfort of your own home? Be sure to take a look at our stock at, www.perfectdraftbeerkegs.co.uk.


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