Top reasons to drink beer in the run-up to Christmas

The Christmas period can be stressful for many reasons, and sometimes all we need is some beer and good company to relax us. Here’s 5 reasons why you should drink beer over the winter season. Of course, drink it responsibly.

To make shopping marathons more bearable

Long line-ups and endless searches to find the perfect gift can be stressful during the Christmas season. Though it doesn’t have to be as painful as you think. In between shops treat yourself to a lunch brew or two to break up the day. This is sure to make the marathon a lot more tolerable.

To put up with annoying relatives

You can choose your friends, but you certainly can’t choose your relatives. To put up with your mental clang over the winter season, be sure to invest in some delicious beer. This kind of remedy is sure to increase your tolerance for these inescapable award encounters.

To help you sleep during the cold winter months

Beer hops contain chemical properties that promote the zzz’s. By drinking beer in the winter days, you are sure to snooze off the cold nights during the winter months.

To act as your plus one

Whether it’s a works party or a New Years Eve bash, a pint of beer is an ideal date. Already have a plus one? Grab an extra beer and make it a date.

To spread the Christmas cheer

Beer is a social beverage. Drink a few beers, share a few laughs and make some memories during this Christmas season.

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