Becks Perfect Draft Beer Kegs

Becks is a prestigious beer which has been brewed in Bremen, Germany for more than 140 years. It is sold 90 countries and has won many an award for its outstanding taste. The expert brewers only uses the best ingredients to ensure the best possible taste from this beer. Becks shows its pedigree as it the sponsor of one of the most famous football clubs in Germany, and their local team Werder Bremen. This has been an established beer within the UK for many years and it is a firm favourite, therefore the demand to have it on draft was astronomical. Well because of this demand the request for it to be accessible on draft has been answered by Becks Perfect Draft Kegs in the UK.Perfect Draft Keg are one of the only companies that stock Becks Perfect Draft Kegs in the UK, and it is one of best sellers due to its immaculate taste. 

The Becks Kegs are standard six litre holding up to 10 pints making it perfect to enjoy after a demanding day at work, or to enjoy with a few friends, as well as being used for a variety of different events. Each Becks Perfect Draft Keg is accessible via the Perfect Draft Machine, a beer dispenser which is able to bring draft beer to whoever desires it.

If you are interested in Becks, then we would also recommend some of the other beers that we can offer, these are; Stella, Leffe, Jupiler or Hoegaarden, which are all accessible via the Philips Perfect Draft Machine.

The Perfect Draft Machine will ensure that your keg will be chilled to a marvellous 3 degrees to ensure that you get the crispest and most refreshing taste possible, guaranteeing you with pure satisfaction. This impressive machine also has an LED display which will show you, how much is left in the keg, the exact temperature of your beer at its current state, as well as other information which will make your experience of enjoying beer at home even more pleasurable.

To ensure that you pour a perfect pint from the Becks Perfect Draft Machine, tilt your glass at a 45 degrees angle and open the tap fully to allow the crisp beer to flow perfectly. When the glass is nearly full, you should tilt the glass back up to ensure that you get the perfect head to top off this perfect beer.

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