How A New App Is Introducing The World To Beer Tourism

A Manchester-made app has been launched, enabling craft beer lovers to travel cities and explore their authentic beer scenes all over the globe.

The app has been named Beer Adventures, and can be used in 25 global cities. At the moment, these cities include, Manchester, London, Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow in the UK.

“Breweries from the US, Scandinavia and the UK are all leading the charge, and have a global fanbase through social media,” says Jonny Quirk, founder of Beer Adventures.

“It makes sense that people are now going on pilgrimages to drink their favourite beer and wanting to explore the city they’re in.”

The Beer App also covers other destinations which includes, Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, Sydney and Vancouver.

“As well as us offering tours in some of the world’s most exciting beer cities like San Diego, Manchester and Berlin, we’re shining a spotlight on less obvious places like Hong Kong, Rome and Paris,” explains Quirk.

 “It means users will be taken to the very best beer places, no matter where they are in the world.”

More cities are set to join the app by the end of the year. These cities are set to be Bristol, Birmingham, Sheffield and Brighton.

“We add new countries, cities and tours every week, and mix beer with street food, culture and sightseeing, so you’re not just sat in the pub,” says Quirk.

“I really see this as the evolution of the organised walking tour, but thankfully without the guy with a brolly leading the way, or being taken to ‘cousin bars’ and falling into all the usual tourist traps.

“If places are doing great things with beer and food, serving local, and have an excellent reputation, then we’ll feature them on the Beer Adventures app.”

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