Top reasons to drink real ale

The stereotype of a real ale drinker is laughably out of date. If you think of matted beards, stained cardigans and huge bellies, you possibly need to get out more. Real ale is live beer which continues to develop in the cask, therefore the optimum flavours are truly developed. Here are the top reasons to reject what passes for beer, and ask for the real thing at once.

Because real ale tastes of something

Real ale is confident. You may want something with tastes of nothing, is more expensive than real ale, and eventually makes you fall over. Though, you may want something that gives an explosion of complex tastes and aromas. If you want to opt for the latter, we recommend real ale.

Because real ale is good for you

This is strange but true. Real ale is heaving with vitamin B, iron and anti-oxidants. Drink lager, and your quality of life will sink. Whereas, the best possible training for your gut will come from the real stuff- ale.

Because nice people drink real ale

Many people haven’t heard of the real ale gospel. Those who have not heard cannot be damned. However, those who have heard and drunk it, is sure to not go back to the ways of lager.

Because it’s real ale

The name says it all. Real ale is for real people, drunk in real places for real reasons.

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